The Business Card

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

What is a business card?

A business card is a branding tool that contains your important

contact and business information. Business cards are usually

handed out to future clients or when networking.

Elements to have on a business card

  • Social Media Handles

  • Email Address

  • Address/City and State

  • Profession

  • Number/FaxName

  • Brand

  • Logo

  • Website

A couple of reasons to have a business card

Branding - Your business card is a branding tool & perfect for networking. It also gives your future client a sneak peek of your brand’s aesthetics. Remember to keep your business card cohesive with the rest of your branding elements.

Preparedness - Having a business card shows future clients you

are always prepared and ready for business! I make sure to carry a

couple of business cards with me at all times. You just never know

when you might meet your next client.

Legitimacy - People want to work with brands they can trust and

are legit. When you hand out a business card when networking, it

shows that you are running a legit brand. It shows professionalism

and the effort you are putting into your brand.

Convenience - Make it easy for future clients to find you! Having

all your contact info in one place is convenient & saves the client time.

What to consider . . .

Quantity - You can order from 100 to a couple thousand.

Color - The possibilities are endless. Try to keep it 3 colors max

or use your brand’s color palette to maintain cohesiveness. Also,

don’t forget CMYK is for printing!!

What kind of card stock paper - Gloss/Coated/Uncoated/Foiling/

Embossing/Recycled Paper/Seed Paper/Thick/Thin/Velvet/Silk...

The options for paper are endless. For ex., using thick or silk card stock

paper creates a high-end touch. Kraft or Seed paper gives off

an organic and natural feel. These details are important and are a

representation of your brand!

Size & Shape - The traditional business card size is 3in x 2.5in. However,

don't limit yourself to those dimensions. Get creative with the shape

of your business card! It can be squared, round, a heart shape, the

possibilities are endless with custom die-cutting.

Does it have another function to it? - Make your business card

memorable and worthy of keeping by adding another function

to it. A couple of fun ideas for your business card can be to

incorporate things like a Ruler, USB, Bottle Opener and even a

Fridge Magnet! Have fun while keeping it professional.

Overall . . .

Keep it simple and only display the important info.

Focus on quality and aesthetics. Having a business

card when networking shows the recipient that

you are professional and ready for business.

Need a hand with designing your business cards?

We are delighted to help!

Feel Free to screenshot the images below to save and share!

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