Building a Brand

At a Design In Between, we enjoy crafting brands + identities for ethical and environmentally conscious clients. We help you better identify your purpose, message, vision, mission, brand voice, and values to build a brand with a strong foundation.

Brand + Brand Strategy

A brand is more than meets the eye. A memorable brand consists of a variety of components like your purpose, message, vision, mission, brand voice, brand identity, target audience, values, goals, and your unique positioning in the market. All of these components make up your Brand Strategy.

Having a strong strategy in place will allow you to better understand what you want for your brand to stand for. A Brand Strategy is your brand guide that will create a meaningful and mindful brand and facilitate the creative process.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is how you portray yourself to your target audience.

An effective Brand Identity consists of logos, typography, color palette, marketing, templates, social media, branding swag, and other deliverables that are all cohesive and consistent with brand aesthetics.

This is another form of communication and is how a brand connects with its target audience visually/emotionally. Connecting and relating to your audience builds the type of trust that creates long term relationships.

Remember, the more you assert your brand identity to the world, the more familiar and trustworthy your brand becomes. Through an effective Brand Identity, you can reinforce what your brand stands for by creating the proper consistent look and feel that truly represents your brand. Let us help you craft a memorable identity for your brand.

Take a look at the work we have done for our clients.
Ash Branding.png
Proper Spaces T-shirt
Business Cards Mockup.png
FIDM Flyers Mockup.png
FIDM Logo Mark.png
Your Builders Logo for Web Small.png
Your Builders Flyers
Lemus Construction Company .png
Lemus Construction Co Logo Drafts.png
Pizza D'Light & Healthy Options Menu
Healthy D'Light Wall Art
RR Training + Performance
RR Flyer
Social Media.png
AlterationsbyAshlee IG Profile
Kachito's Sweets Logo
Kachito's Sweets Branding
Blue Green Tibs World Tag CMYK for print.png
RBG Drafts- Tibs World Project-02.png
Tibs World Tags.png
Tibs World -  Bear2 White BG.png
MDC Film Fest Poster 2019 Concept
MDC Aquatic + Fitness Center Flyer.png
MDC D3 Flyer Concepts
D3 LOGO 2019 collab with Kaley Peniche
JSpears Logo.png
Peer Pressure Miami Logo