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Welcome to A Design In Between Studio! My name is Stephanie, a Texan with Mexican roots living in Miami Beach. I am the Chief Designer and Founder of A Design In Between, a creative graphic design studio that specializes in Seamless Patterns, Brand Identity, and Illustrations.

The goal at the studio is to create impactful designs that are meaningful and memorable. We enjoy being able to help others and share our craft. Let A Design In Between be your go-to creative you can count on.

A couple of fun facts about me ... I love to cook, am a gardener at heart, a crafter of killer cocktails, and a lover of long afternoon naps with my hubby & cats.

Stephanie Garoz

Design with the Earth in Mind

At A Design In Between, we are advocates of Eco-Friendly practices. Our mission is to create an Eco-Friendly Design movement by educating, inspiring, and motivating others to design with the Earth in mind. We love nature and want to remind you that our design choices can have an impact on our planet. Let's make a positive impact by choosing eco-friendly options when available and encouraging others to do the same. 

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