Meet the Designer

My name is Stephanie, the designer behind the scenes of A Design In Between. A Texas native, currently residing in sunny south Florida. A Design In Between was born in 2019. Art and design have always had a strong presence in my life and I love that it is influencing the path I am pursuing today. I design with the Earth in mind and love working with like-minded individuals. Helping others craft their ideas to life brings me immense delight and allows me to contribute to a positive cause. A couple of fun facts about me ... I have two Kittehs, I love to cook, tending the garden, crafting killer cocktails, and taking long afternoon naps with my hubby.

Stephanie Lopez, Graphic Designer
- Stephanie Lopez -


Welcome to A Design In Between,

a creative design studio specializing in Brand Identity + Digital Seamless Patterns + Sustainability. Our work consists of mindfully crafting memorable designs with your vision and the environment in mind.

Brand Identity + Logos

At a Design In Between, we enjoy crafting brands + identities for ethical and environmentally conscious clients. We help you better identify your purpose, vision, mission, brand voice, and values to build a brand with a strong foundation. 

Digital Seamless Surface Patterns

Our Digital Seamless Pattern Designs are mindfully crafted in house and can be customized to your liking. The process of our designs begins with a sketch/painting on paper and then transformed into a digital seamless pattern to be placed onto surfaces like our favorite sustainable textiles or print on demand items. We offer minimal designs that use less ink and print on natural/recycled fabrics for minimal impact.


As designers, we feel we have an obligation to craft responsibly and take into consideration our impact on the environment. We aim to provide you with eco-friendly options when available, allowing you to have designs that are aligned with your values.

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